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    You have many problems which you are not seeing – which in fact, you do not want to see. You go on postponing. You are so afraid of seeing those problems, ...
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    Subscribe for more Videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAlDP5bsASSLVqLvmVcejUA Video Credit:- Swami Samir Khanal, OSHO Tapoban.
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    To understand more about OSHO Talks, their context and purpose, see: http://oshotalks.com/AboutOshoTalks.aspx This video is available for translation as part ...
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    Osho has spoken on many occasions in his talks about the mystic and spiritual teacher George Gurdjieff (1866-1949). This is an excerpt from a talk in which ...
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    OSHO: I Am Not a Worshiper of Poverty Osho Poverty and Rolls-Royces: This is a video excerpt of one of the many responses Osho gave in a series of press ...
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    OSHO International Meditation Resort Impressions: Every year thousands of visitors from 112 different countries visit the OSHO International Meditation Resort.
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    OSHO International Foundation presents : मृत्यु की कला The Art of Dying. मरने की भी एक कला है, जैसे जीने की कला...
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    How come you speak about political leaders and religious leaders in the same tone -- is there no difference between them? But the mind of the politician and the ...
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    OSHO: I Live Spontaneously http://www.osho.com/visit Excerpts from an interview with Ken Kashiwahara Good Morning America, ABC Network, USA To ...
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    Osho, a contemporary mystic speaks on virtually every aspect of human consciousness. In these talks, the human condition, whether the mind, the heart, love or ...
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    Some of your quotes are in the press. Where you say there is no god – are you saying that there is no god outside of creation, per se? "Certainly I am saying that ...
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    Osho, a contemporary mystic speaks on virtually every aspect of human consciousness. In these talks, the human condition, whether the mind, the heart, love or ...
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    ओशो के 2500 से अधिक मूल हिंदी प्रवचनों की ऑडिओ रिकॉर्डिंग उपलब्ध है। वीडिओ...
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    EXPERIENCES from the OSHO International Meditation Resort Location: Located 100 miles southeast of Mumbai in the thriving modern city of Pune, India, the ...
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    A question was put before Osho, beging with: What's the purpose of all this…? "What is the purpose of your life? Is there any purpose of your life? To take my ...
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    OSHO: Being In Love http://www.osho.com/visit - How to Love with Awareness and Relate Without Fear - "Love should be a reality in your life, not just a poem, ...
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    OSHO: Alertness Awareness Mindfulness Work and meditation??? -- how could those two areas of life, apparently opposing each other, possibly come together ...
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    OSHO: Absolutely Free to Be Funny "I Love to Disturb People." Osho -- In a series of excerpts from an interview with Jeff McMullen of Australia's "60 Minutes" ...
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    OSHO: Marriage and Children http://www.osho.com/visit Marriage and Children are important questions for many people in relationships. Osho brings a new ...
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    Do you want to save humanity? Osho talks on transforming your own consciousness. "To transform human consciousness you have just to go on rising higher ...
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    After being away for several weeks due to illness, Osho returns to hold his daily talks in the Gautama the Buddha Auditorium where he explains in great detail ...
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    OSHO: Dancing with Excistence - OSHO International Meditation Resort. "Dancing with Existence" captures both the beauty and the experience of the OSHO ...
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    "Gautam Buddha said as his last statement: "Be a light unto yourself." The day I leave the body please remind me, so that I can make my last statement: "Be a ...
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    OSHO: The Silent Explosion - a visit to the Osho International Meditation Resort http://www.osho.com/visit "This place is a new place. It is not a traditional place, ...
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    OSHO: Meditation -- The Medicine for Spiritual Health "...childlikeness is compared again and again to meditation. Meditation would not have been needed if ...
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    " …I am not only answering you. I am answering, through you, the whole of humanity – not only the contemporary humanity, but also the humanity that will be ...
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    Excerpts from an Interview with Mike Wolfe KBND Radio, Bend, Oregon. "I am destroying the whole idea of the separation, of a split between matter and mind, ...
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    Thirty years ago, the Reagan Administration and local Oregon politicians set out to destroy Osho's alternative commune in Oregon, a commune which provoked ...
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    The video captures the sharing experience of OSHO Living In Meditation Plus program, from one of the participants. Enjoy watching the beauty and serenity of ...
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    Heaven and Hell – where are these places, do they really exist? And if so – who is living where? “Enlightenment cannot be anything else other than ...
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    We worry about the future, we are dreaming about the past. What about being in the present? According to Osho to be in the present is the only way of living.
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    I had always wanted not to be a Master to anybody. But people want a Master, they want to be disciples; hence, I played the role. It is time that I should say to you ...
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    Men wants to be free, yet men is looking for leaders at the same time... Following leaders ultimately leads to a subtle slavery and there goes the freedom .
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    Festival Of Tantra Music & Dance.
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    I Don't Have Any Biography OSHO: My Only School Was that River While Osho gives never importance to his biographical life, he often shares personal details ...
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    "To me a book is not just a book; it is a love affair... I have loved reading from my very childhood. My own personal library consisted of one hundred fifty thousand ...
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    "Responsibility is awareness, alertness, consciousness. Ego is just unconsciousness. They cannot coexist." To understand more about OSHO Talks, their ...
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    the very processes of becoming and being ordinary are absolutely diametrically opposite to each other. You are where you are trying to reach. There is nowhere ...
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    OSHO: There Is No Goal "My whole life I have been telling you there is no goal! Life is its own goal. There is nothing outside life that you have to achieve.
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    Sometimes we think, that we are asking a question, on closer inspection however, it turns out that we are only looking for our own idea to be confirmed. "In fact ...
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    OSHO: The Art of Nourishing Oneself with Love http://www.osho.com/visit "Love your neighbor as you love yourself' says the Bible. It seems somewhere down ...
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    The OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India is a unique destination for people from more than 100 countries. The campus provides an opportunity ...
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    " Trust is in the totality of the cosmos. It has nothing to do with books – Holy Bibles, Gitas, Korans – no. Then there is only one scripture which is spread all ...